4 Easy Steps to Great Skin...


Cleanse & Purify: Why do some people's skin radiate a fresh healthy glow? Simple! By cleansing and purifying! This is the foundation of ActiDerm skincare and 'difference maker' for all skin types. Effective, non aggressive cleansing and purifying keeps pores un-clogged, limits breakouts and encourages cellular renewal which brings fresh cells to the surface, making treatments more effective.


Treat: We all have specific concerns from puffy eyes to breakouts, wrinkles, sagging skin and sooner or later, general aging, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of treatments to address every concern. All ActiDerm treatments are highly concentrated and use the most advanced technologies to speed up absorption and increase performance.




Nourish & Protect: Whatever your age, ActiDerm has created expert nourishing formulas for you. Formulations contain powerful Anti-Oxidants and revolutionary micro-encapsulated Vitamins that purify, strengthen and rejuvenate the cellular matrix. From first signs of ageing to total anti-ageing, ActiDerm nourishing products all contain natural sun filters, even our Collagen Night Cream...Just in case you love it so much that you want to use it during the day!


Supplement: An essential part of the ActiDerm philosophy of healthy aging and beautiful skin. They work with diet and topicals to deliver optimal and visible results. We strongly recommend adding quality supplements to your diet. Targeted antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals help repair and keep skin looking radiant and youthful.