Bridal Trial for Steph

Steph's Bridal Makeup

Steph's Wedding Makeup and Hair
I completed a Bridal Makeup and Hair Trial with the lovely Steph today. Prior to starting, we used Aloe Propolis Creme to create a base. For her makeup, we went with a smokey eye look, using Strawberry Pink to the inner lid fading to Sable on the outer. A bronze gel eyeliner and a natural strip lash accentuated her eyes to finish. After the Airbrush foundation was applied for a flawless complexion, a dusting of pink blusher highlighted her cheeks and a soft pink lipstick perfected her look. For her hair, she wanted a crown bouffant with a criss-cross effect at the back, cascading into soft curls which looked lovely in her chestnut hair. It was fun working with Steph today, meeting the bride to be and some of her family. It's always great to get feedback while I'm working. I'm looking forward to seeing them all on the Wedding Day!

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