Zoe's Bridal Makeup - Wedding Day!

Zoe's Bridal Makeup

Roza's Wedding Makeup
I had the opprtunity to work with Zoe again today on her Wedding Day!

After preparing her skin with the gorgeous Sonya Skincare range, we started with Estee Lauder's Gingerdrop eyeshadow leading to Clinique's Fudge Brown at the outer, continuing underneath the lower outer lashline. The flawless complexion from the airbrush foundation came next, before applying mascara to both sets of lashes. This was followed by Clinique's Aglow blusher to contour her cheeks and her chosen lipstick, Clinique's Peach Pop.

Roza's look was acheived with a pale cream shadow to the inner lid moving to a brown-grey on the outer. We continued this colour, smudging it into the lower lash line and a touch of MAC black eyeshadow to the top lash. The Airbrush foundation and mascara came next before we used Clinique's medium-deep bronzer to contour and highlighted the top of her cheekbones. For her lips, she choose Lancome Juice Tube lip gloss.

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the company of everyone - I wish you all the best for your future together!

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